Removing a Large Flat Colon Polyp by EMR without Surgery is probably my most popular webpage. It's not a topic I ever thought I would put on the web. It sort of chose me. I went for a colonoscopy like other people over 50. They found a big flat benign colon polyp, which was too complicated for them to remove in the colonoscopy. As per standard practice for this situation they recommended a right hemicolectomy. That means they wanted to remove the entire right side of my colon. This idea didn't sit well with me. So I went on a major quest to find a better way. My web page describes my personal journey and how I got the polyp removed by endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), a more advanced non-surgical leading edge medical procedure. Now the polyp is gone and I still have my colon. Many other people find themselves in this same predicament each year. Most of them end up getting colon surgery because that's what their gastroenterologist recommended. But do they really need colon surgery?


Jim Sease